January ‘to do’ list

You may think as farmers we get to take it easy in the winter, but in winter it’s just different!  Chores don’t take too long (unless we have to dig everyone out of the snow), but winter is when we reflect, plan, and prepare for the new year.  This year there is so much to get ready so we can grow! Here’s a glimpse into my to do list (complete with beverages and toddler additions):

Computer, calender, to do list for planning

There is always more to learn as a farmer, that is my favorite part! In the next two months I have 16 hours of farm law webinars, 8 hour Recipe to Reality, 16 hours of Good Ag Practice trainings, the two day NSAS conference, 2 books and 5 sets of regulations to read (which are each a book in themselves!). Then apply all those to what needs done.

Production planning: compile and review records from last year, complete taxes. Set our livestock plans and schedule for the year, then order chicks, reserve processing dates.

Barn building: apply for zoning variance, upgrade insurance, research equipment, finalize blueprints & get them approved, start site prep, flag out building

It’s also the season to go out and visit my farmer friends and share stories, tips, and good times 🙂  We are seeking out lots of advisers for our barn build, already planned for this month: three dairy farmers, 4 construction folks, 3 regulators, 2 university faculty, and our lawyer, accountant, graphic designer, banker and insurance.

Who said farming is a lonely business!!


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