Flavor of the Week

Lincoln fans, we are now at Cultiva Labs coffee shop! Pints and singles of all our flavors.  Also the home of Sweet Minou Chocolates, where we get our excellent chocolate (more being made this week!)  Stop in for wonderful coffee, espresso, and dark chocolate treats that pair perfectly with our ice creams. Ask about an affagato, where they pour a shot of their espresso over our ice cream. YUM!

The Exhausted Parent

A new flavor this week is dedicated to all of us who burn the candle at both ends.  It is a tribute to our days: a lotta coffee with a little chocolate and bourbon thrown in 🙂  Plus it brings you some of the best tastes in Nebraska: coffee from Cultiva, dark chocolate nibs from Sweet Minou, and bourbon from Brickway in Omaha.

Flavors available this week:

  • Vanilla: our sweet custard base with extra fair trade vanilla
  • Exhausted Parent: coffee ice cream with bourbon and chocolate nibs
  • Apricot: Bright and juicy locally grown with just a hint of molasses
  • Coffee: a double shot of Cultiva coffee
  • Black Walnut: chunky Heartland Nuts mixed in

Where to find us:

  • At the farm: Thursday and Saturday, 4-7pm
  • Cultiva Labs: All week

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