Latest: We did it! Come join us for the Grand Opening August 12th, 4-8pm!

  Join us in building the barn! We are building a creamery barn to create farmstead ice cream, caramel, and more dairy goodness. We had a successful start to our capital campaign thanks to all our backers and the great folks at Barnraiser, but there is still time for you to join in!    If you eat, you can be an investor!

Stay tuned for volunteer opportunities to come out and physically build too!

What are we building?

For the first phase, we are building a wood sided gable barn to house our milking parlor and creamery.  We are working with Sand Creek Post & Beam, from here in Nebraska, to build a barn that merges traditional style and modern methods.  We will be re-purposing an old barn for some of the wood while using the latest in window and insulation for energy efficiency.

Later we will be adding the gambrel to house a farm store, tasting room, and event space.

Bringing You a Flavor of Our Farm

Each place on earth has its own unique flavor that is created by its own mix of soil, climate, people, and culture.  We want to bring you a taste of the abundance here through foods sourced right on the farm.  We already sell meat, milk, and eggs, but want to bring you farmstead desserts and opportunities to experience the synergy possible between agriculture and nature.

Milking Parlor

It all starts with a Grade A milking parlor, allowing us to meet the requirements for retail sale of milk products. We will have a big viewing window so everyone can see how the process works and we plan to offer classes so people can experience milking themselves. We will have a nice new milk room to facilitate on-farm sale of raw milk.


The next stop for the milk is the creamery. This is where the cream and milk are separated, combined with the deep orange yolks from the pastured hens and then cooked up to the custard base.  A cold storage room will house the ice cream base overnight as well as eggs, fresh fruits and nuts for the additional flavors. Then the next day it goes into the ice cream freezer and packaged, where it needs to harden for a few hours before it is ready to enjoy by you!

Ice cream and caramel



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