Ready to taste the goodness?

All week: Cultiva Labs is now carrying our ice cream and caramel!
Tuesday: Lincoln Haymarket dropoff 2pm (email to get signed up)
Thursday: Farm stand 4-7
SaturdayPlum Creek Palooza, Lincoln 10-3
Farm stand 4-7

Dropoffs (contact us for details): Lincoln on Tuesdays, Omaha on Thursdays. $5 delivery fee

Special events:

Nov 4th: Ceresco Craft Fair, Ceresco 9-3

Dec 1st: Cornhusker Holiday Market, Lincoln, 4-8pm

2017 Price List (at the farm)

Ice Cream            $6 pints; $2 scoop (4oz) Check our social media for flavors

Caramel Sauce (Dulce de Leche)        $5/ jar (8oz)

Chicken               $4/pound     Average 4lb.

Raw Milk            $7/gallon    Check for availability


Our happy hens get to eat lots of bugs & herbs! Our hens are rotated through the pasture following the cows and supplemented with a GMO-free ration. During the winter they clean up our garden patch and are supplemented with food trimmings.


We raise our chickens on fresh pasture daily and they are fed a GMO-free ration. Whole chickens Frozen whole chicken.  We have groups ready May-September,  $5 per bird reservation that will be applied to your final order. They can be picked up at the farm, on the Nebraska Food Cooperative or we frequently make trips to both Lincoln and Omaha for dropoffs.


We are planning to open an artisan creamery later this spring.  Right now there is lots of taste testing going on, so stop by and ask what we are working on!

Raw milk can be purchased at the farm. Remember to bring a container! We use half gallon glass mason jars.

Contact us to join the email list, make reservations, or find out about our drop-offs.

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