Research on our Farm

We believe in supporting scientific research to backup our observations and management decisions we make on farm.  As part of that we participate in citizen science as well as scientific research projects. Here are some we have participated in, click the links for more details:

Citizen Science

You can join in!


Cool project of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology that tracks birds and the habitat that supports them. We are set up as a site and anytime y0u visit, share your sightings!


Wondering how much rain we got? Check out this site where people like us report all

Research Studies

Bird Diversity on Organic Farms:

Our farm was one of the sites for UNL research on bird diversity, specifically looking at Bell’s Vireo. We had two monitoring nests!

Wetlands Grazing:

We received a USDA NCR-SARE Farmer Rancher Grant to look at how we can graze wetlands for both cattle and ecosystem benefit.

Organic Management of Flies:

Our farm was one site for USDA ARS researchers who are examining the effectiveness on various fly management options.