The Cows

Our hard-working ladies are 100% grass fed.  We rotate the cows through the pasture to give the grass time to recover.  We milk seasonally starting in late spring and milking through the end of the year.  This gives the cows (and farmers) time to recover during the winter when the grass is also dormant.

We raise Guernsey cows, a heritage breed that is known for their high cream milk and ability to put extra vitamin A into the milk, giving the milk a beautiful golden color. The are also a wonderfully gentle cow, which our toddler loves because he gets to help papa farmer milk!


Gleda is the matriarch of the herd.


Bella and Bonnie. Daughter and grand-daughter of Gleda. Another 3rd generation on grass!

Cow Pacha
Our milking cow Pacha.
Cow Eva and calf Elise
Eva and her 2014 heifer Elise. 3rd generation on grass! We believe we will get the best cows if they are treated the best so we are leaving Elise to nurse with Eva. This way she gets optimal nutrition and learns to graze from her mama. Elise’s sire is Double L.

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