The Farmers

William and Crystal Powers along with boys Aiden & Liam are orchestrating this farming adventure.  William and Crystal both grew up on farms and have farming in their blood as far back as records are kept. They decided wanted to pursue their passion for Nebraska’s food, land, and people.

William’s background is in Ag Communications and Leadership and he works as the Director of the Nebraska Sustainable Ag Society.  Crystal’s degree is in Biological and Environmental Engineering.  We are trying to learn all we can about Holistic Management, Permaculture, and Homeopathy and Biodynamics as the foundation of our farm.  One of the great things about farming is there is always more to learn!

Aiden (6) and Liam (3) love to already help out, and our goal is to have a farm where kids are safe and involved.  Aiden loves to help feed, water, gather eggs, even milk! Liam wants to be where ever we are!


aiden fenceliam stpats

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