The Springs

Our farm is part of the Rock Creek saline wetlands.  We have pasture the slopes down into saline wetlands, with two definite springs and hundreds of feet of seeps.  These wetlands are home to a diverse bunch of wildlife and native plants.  We see everything from mink to badgers, hummingbirds to eagles, and a whole variety of insects, reptiles, and amphibians. Game birds are particularly abundant: pheasant, quail, ducks, & geese, particularly during migration.

Come experience the beautiful and unique landscape. Pick some cattails and see if you can spot some of the endangered salt creek tiger beetles.  Learn about how properly managed farms and livestock enhance these native ecosystems.

Learn more about saline wetlands, grazing wetlands, and conservation grazing.

Experience our wild side!


We are a Monarch Waystation through MonarchWatch. This means we provide milkweed, nectar plants, and shelter for their migration.  Of course these are great for lots of other pollinators too!


Record the birds you see on eBird! And check out what birds others have sited in the area. Just across the road, Jack Sinn Wildlife Area is a local bird hot spot with over 172 species observed! Learn about how organic farming benefits birds.

~Native Plants~


See a frog, snake or turtle that you don’t recognize? Check out the UNL Reptile ID pictures



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